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And of course, no post is complete without pretty pictures of this sweet little doll baby! 


This little princess is LOVED by her 3 big blessed am I to watch this family grow!



And the winner is...

What a day!!!  Well...let's back up. How did this all start.  It started with my 13 year old hearing about "Alex's Lemonade Stand" on the radio  She ordered the kit online - and well, when MY 13 year old gets something in her mind,  the rest is history!!!  Once she got the kit...she really wanted to set up her stand at Jewel or Walgreens.  After sitting at my son's football practice, hot and thirsty...we talked about how the football fields, with 80 hot, thirsty little players and their families may be the perfect place to set up the stand.  THANK YOU to the Cary Jr. Trojan Bantam Football League for allowing us to set up at the fields and thank you to ALL the parents and players who came over and donated!

As Maddie and I discussed the details in my office, I had a Facebook status about Haley pop up on my feed.  You can read about Haley's story here: .  I was really touched by her story and felt the 'whisper' from God that I too needed to do some fundraising.

 Monday night was a BIG night!!  Maddie would run her lemonade stand and I would run a raffle for a free family session for those who donated at least $5 to Haley (PS...its not too late to donate) If you feel led to do so, you can donate here: .

Within minutes of posting our intentions on my facebook page...I was simply blown away by the generocity of others.  It really has opened my eyes.  And the eyes of my children.  It makes us want to do this MORE.  It makes us want to give more and help more.  It just makes us want to DO!

Blown away I tell you!!!  Maddie started out with a goal of $175.    I thought that was pretty lofty!  Doable but lofty.  WELL...we QUICKLY needed to adjust our goal over and over again.  WOW...the Cary JR. Trojan Bantam family knows how to support a great cause and came out in full force!

Our small, little 2.5 hour lemonade stand made $343 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! ! 

But the amazing part of this not only did families donate towards the lemonade stand...but over 50 families, clients and fellow photographers donated directly to Haley and her family!  I was just so touched to watch Haley's YouCare site keep jumping up and up by $5s and $10s all day long!  

And THEN at the lemonade stand...donation after donation for Haley.  

Here's our very first client...The Garski Family.  They came with a case full of potato chips to hand out to those that donated to Haley's cause.  Thank you Melissa!!!

After many more of you came.  Friends from my neighborhood, clients from another neighborhood, and even a client of mine ALL the way from Bartlett...she seriously came from Bartlett to donate and support the Lemonade Stand and Haley!  Thank you to all of you! 

We were even surprised by Haley's mom!!  (Haley was at the Cubs game so could not join us)...but Misty, Haley's mom came out to say hi....and she even brought us T-Shirts!  Thank you Misty! 

I am so excited to say...that between online donations and personal contributions, we are able to give Haley and her mom OVER $625!!

It occurred to me ...a lemonade stand...a simple lemonade stand and very very minimal work, time and money - that's almost $1000 for charity.  It makes me wonder what else we can do!?!
How about you! all that...are you ready for the winner of the raffle.  I promise you this is NOT rigged.  I was pretty excited when picked 22.  That's my birth-date (August 22). As people donated, I just listed the names in a notebook...numbering as I went along.  AND...guess who #22 was.  Melissa Garski!!!  Our first customer!!! Hooray for you Garskis'!!!  The free family session honestly could not have gone to a nicer family!  I can't wait to see you guys soon!